Lori's Songs from the Word, Volume 5 ~ Wonderful!

by Lori & John Odhner (song)

Type of Event: Songs

Date Recorded: January 01, 1998

Location: Unknown

Groups: GCED, Lori's Songs from the Word, Lori & John Odhner - ALBUMS

Lori & John Odhner have been writing songs inspired by the Lord's Word for many years. This CD is a collection of original songs for children & adults alike. This is the fifth in a series of CD's that are beloved and well known throughout the New Church. Recorded in La Crescenta, California.
CD Tracks:
1-Come to Me 2:16
2-Choose Life! 2:24
3-Lift Up Your Heads and See! 2:52
4-Bone of My Bone 2:09
5-Go Up! 1:37
6-The Spirit of the Lord 2:21
7-Freely Give! 3:42
8-Wonderful! 2:33
9-The Lord is Good to All 1:19
10-Heal Me 2:41
11-Let the Love Flow 2:33
12-Brothers 2:56
13-Stand Still, Sun! 1:07
14-The New Covenant 3:20
15-Peace I Leave With You 1:23
16-We Will Serve the Lord 2:31
17-Go In Peace 1:54


# Title Length
1 Come to Me 02m 14s download
2 Choose Life! 02m 22s download
3 Lift Up Your Heads and See! 02m 50s download
4 Bone of My Bone 02m 07s download
5 Go Up! 01m 35s download
6 The Spirit of the Lord 02m 19s download
7 Freely Give! 03m 40s download
8 Wonderful! 02m 31s download
9 The Lord is Good to All 01m 17s download
10 Heal Me 02m 39s download
11 Let the Love Flow 02m 31s download
12 Brothers 02m 54s download
13 Stand Still, Sun! 01m 05s download
14 The New Covenant 03m 19s download
15 Peace I Leave With You 01m 21s download
16 We Will Serve the Lord 02m 29s download
17 Go in Peace 01m 52s download
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